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Session Overview
  1. How Google Calendar saved my marriage
  2. Calendar Overview (presentation)
  3. Calendar in Action
    1. PD/PLC
    2. Assignment
    3. School Events
    4. Lab / Library Reservations
  4. Google Calendar basics
  5. Publishing, sharing, subscribing, and embedding
  6. Hands-on Activities
  7. What else? (Appointment Slots)
(You can access e-mail addresses for members of this session here.)
  1. Look in your Calendars Account - a Birthday calendar should be there. Find your birthday and add it.
  2. Add a Calendar to your account for your class, a committee, etc., then make it public and share it with at least one other person in this session or elsewhere.
  3. Do at least one of the following:

Calendar Resources

Links to Google Calendar Help Pages:

Google How-to

You can even sync with Other Calendars


Google Videos

Even More