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Activities - Basic
Working toward Nerdiness
  • Make a Word Cloud from a Form
    • You can make the form and enter false data or share with several members of the group to get data.
Nerds on steroids
  • Make a Self-Grading Quiz with Flubaroo!

    Check out and follow the instructions 
    to either:

    1) Play with a sample quiz and see how it works

    2.) Ready to make your own? Follow these instructions
     step-by-step to create a Form, create an answer key, insert
    Flubaroo script, and you're golden!

  • Make a WordCloud and edit it
    • Make a Form that you can use in your work
    • Either share with group members or make up sample data
    • Take your word cloud and embed it into a new doc (or someplace else)
    • Copy your word cloud into Drawings and edit it. 
    • Insert your edited word cloud into a doc
  • Flip your classroom

Google Forms