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AND: The Going Google Guide! and Google Groups and Google Apps EDU Marketplace


Lead Learner: Julene Reed

Be sure to review the latest Crib Sheet for the tool you're learning about (if we've created one)... or consider starting one (if we haven't).

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Google Moderator

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 Overview tools, then choose, group up, learn, and share out!

You and a partner or team will have 20 minutes to explore one (or more) of the following tools from either of the lists below: 
  1. Google+
  2. Scholar
  3. Books
  4. Analytics
  5. Picasa
  6. Google News
(Keep going...there are more tools below!)

Additional Topics and Related Cribsheets and Information for exploration:

Google Voice (visit the site to create a Google Voice number)

Google Translate (visit the Google Translate site)

Google Reader

Google Groups  (visit the Google Groups site)

Google Mobile (visit the Google Mobile site)

Google Moderator (visit the Google Moderator site)

Google Alerts - (create a Google Alert)


As you explore the tool, answer these questions:
  1. What is it? How does it work? What's special about it?
  2. How might it be useful for educators and students?
  3. What else do you want to learn about it?
Share what you find on this Google Form:

You can access the spreadsheet results here:

Finally, you will have approximately 2-3 minutes to share what you've learned
at the end of the session.


To access even more Google services, 
Step 1: Login into your Google Account

Step 2: Click more and Select even more>>

Step 3: Click on one of the icons.

Schrock's Bloomin' Google - by GCT, Kathy Schrock
Google Guide for Teachers I - by GCT, Richard Byrne
Google Guide for Teachers II - by GCT, Richard Byrne
Henry (Hank) Thiele's Apps for EDU
Google A-Z Shared Document