Create a Site of Your Own!

Design a site that you can utilize with your colleagues, your students, an organization, your school, or your community. Create a site that will be useful, one that you can continue to use. Once you create your basic site, then implement the items below.

Activity: "Proof-of-Concept" Project
 In this session you will create your own Google Site, embed one of the
items you made today and leave with a published webpage!

Try at least 4 of the following:
    1. Add a Theme
    2. View the Templates (but don't select one now)
    3. Add a Page
    4. Embed a Widget
    5. Embed a Google Doc
    6. Add a Hyperlink to a Webpage
    7. Insert an Image
    8. Embed a Video
    9. Share Your Site by Making it Public

Creating a Google Site


Creating a Classroom Site: Step by Step
Create other sites: Step by Step
Great site for learning how to make a site: West Hills Tech Center

Ideas for Teachers
Sites Templates
Help on Using Site Templates

URL Shortening Sites:
Google URL Shortener
TinyURL (can create custom URL)
Subpages (1): Demo Page for Sites