Agenda: Share a lil, play a lot!



GRREC Google Docs Survey!

View the spreadsheet here!


Activity 1: Collaborate

Jump on into this demo document, and practice:
-typing in the document
-inserting a comment
-inserting an image

Docs Resources

YouTube Video


Activity 2: Make a Form!

Forms-- the easiest way to collect and analyze data!
Create a form for your school, or just one for fun.

Don't forget:

1) Add questions
2) Pick a theme
3) Send the form to everyone in the workshop using 
this spreadsheet
4) Go back to your Docs, open the spreadsheet, and enjoy!

Bonus: make a Summary Spreadsheet 
for a pretty graphic about your data

Geek Out:

Make a Self-Grading Quiz with Flubaroo or a Script!

Check out and follow the instructions 
to either:

1) Play with a sample quiz and see how it works
2.) Ready to make your own? Follow these instructions
 step-by-step to create a Form, create an answer key, insert
Flubaroo script, and you're golden!

Forms Resources

                                                                                            Getting Started Guide

YouTube Video

Activity 3: Take Your Pick!

          50 MORE Gadget Ideas

Make a Gadget: 

Take Spreadsheet data (either your own or one of the examples) and 
Insert>Gadget to display your info a delightfully geeky way.

Get started by checking out an actual spreadsheet of each gadget, and change it 
to make it your own!

Super Nerd Alert: "Publish Chart" and insert it into a Google Site!
 It updates as you update it.


Click here for a list of gadgets and how to use 'em!
Motion chart, word cloud, tree map, or just mess with charts.

YouTube Video

            Getting Started Guide
      Example: Creating Children's Books

YouTube Video

Play with an existing Script: Use the Example Script, spreadsheet, and
and tutorial and practice making a very simple script. Magic!

Edit a Script template: Using MCQ Scripts, create a form or survey
that e-mails back people who submit it (great for sending quiz scores,
pre-workshop surveys, classroom observations, and more!)

Or check out the Gallery and give one a test drive!

More Resources

Teachers' Toolbox

Google Apps: Bloom's Taxonomy Map

Awesome Apps Webinars!

Check out the monthly calendar here, or become an Apps EDU Certified Trainer and give 'em yourself! :)

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