Activity 1: Global Collaboration

Check out this World Read Aloud Skype Day sign-up!

Let's use Docs as a means to connect with the world for Global Activities!

Wendy's invited you to the Global Collab Doc.

In it, put your information and an idea about collaboration you
might have. While you're in there, practice:

-inserting a picture
-inserting a drawing
-highlighting and inserting a comment
-setting up the comment notifications!
-check out Revision History
-make a copy and translate!

GWE Vienna and Prague Global Collaboration Project

Docs Resources

YouTube Video

YouTube Video


Activity 2: Help Your Students Make Forms

Forms-- the easiest way to collect and analyze data!
Create a form for your school, or just one for fun.

Don't forget:

1) Add questions
2) Pick a theme
3) Send the form to everyone in the workshop using 
this spreadsheet
4) Go back to your Docs, open the spreadsheet, and enjoy!

Bonus: make a Summary Spreadsheet 
for a pretty graphic about your data

Global Collaboration Alert!

Have your students' create forms to collect data for their own projects.
 Check out Google Certified Teacher Diane Main's great use of this tool with her 6th and 7th graders!

Forms Resources

YouTube Video

                                                                                            Getting Started Guide

Activity 3: Take Your Pick!

          50 MORE Gadget Ideas

YouTube Video

            Getting Started Guide
      Example: Creating Children's Books

YouTube Video

More Resources

Teachers' Toolbox

Google Apps: Bloom's Taxonomy Map

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