Posters (for your classroom)
Search Curriculum (for Students)

Your Needs!

                                                          Let's get started... your first task is:

Activity 1

Before you start, give Operators a whirl!

Search exactly as is (+), Fill in the blanks (*), Terms you want to exclude (-), Search within a specific website (site:), 
Phrase search (""), The OR operator,and other Google Operators to help you search!

Also try out Quick Features to include, like equations!

Follow the prompts, and let's see who cracks it first!

What other search techniques can help you and your students?

Activity 2

Tell your Search Story, and have your kids, too! When you're done, share the link on this form:

Activity 3: Research a Topic of Interest Using Google Tools

Use these hot tricks:

Put your topic and a cool link here:


Global Connections Alert!

Use Search techniques for your students to help 
research for the worldwide global project, 
Challenge 20/20!  or any research project!