2011-10-28 Google Workshop for Educators

Agenda and Resources

Our day will begin with a brief overview of Google culture, and how it can be a great model for schools. We start the day off right with a fun video, a few anecdotes, and an activity to get us all thinking and talking.

We'll start with how you know Google best: search. With something for everyone, we'll quickly cover advanced search strategies, a killer set of specialized research tools, and a handful of other "best bang for your buck" tools for teachers.

We are going to create, use and share Docs, create Forms, and learn how to "Iron Chef" a lesson using Google Presentation!

Many of us had heard of tours; we are going to make one. And you'll see some amazing sites, as well.

Google Sites offer students and teachers an easy way to build their own rich multi-media web sites. You'll get a chance to create your own "proof-of-concept" site during this session.

We'll go over some tools that people may already have heard of; but we will share ideas that can take some cool free tools and make them amazing.

After a fast-paced high-energy day together, we'll take the time to reflect on our "ah-ha moments" and next steps.

Lead Learners

Jon Corippo
Director of Charter at Minarets Charter High School
School website: Minarets.us
Personal site: mistercorippo.com

CASK, using Universal Preso

Director, Google Teacher Academy 
CUEtoYOU Professional Development Consultant
President, EdTechTeam, Inc.