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Post what you want to learn more about: Google Moderator
YouTube: Find videos to embed in your sites. Upload videos for training or flip teaching.

Reader: Organize your RSS feeds. (Remember that your announcements pages on sites creates an RSS feed)

Picnik: Photo editing

Picassa: Photo storage - slide shows

Google Voice: Hide your phone numbers get a Google phone number. Texts and emails of calls and messages.

Google Earth: Explore the world, find information about items you find such as art in a museum you traveled to.

Google Sketchup
: Draw and create 3D renderings.  Can be used for student projects.

http://goo.gl: web address shortener. Tracks clicks. Creates QR codes.

Activity: Explore ways that you can use Google in different ways. Take ideas and fill into the form at right to share insights you get from the activity.
Google things to do

Good Daily Assignment Exercise:
Google a Day

Activity (time permitting)
Google Earth

Google Art Project (time permitting)

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