Google docs is a office productivity suite similar to Microsoft Office. There are three primary tools within the Google Docs Suite: 
  • Docs (Similar to MS Word)
  • Presentation (Similar to PowerPoint)
  • Spreadsheet (Similar to Excel)
Google Docs is compatible with files that you have previously created in MS Office. These files can be uploaded to Google Docs  to be easily shared with your students. 

There are three reasons to switch from using MS Office to  Google Docs: 
  1. Collaboration: Google docs allows multiple users to edit a document, spreadsheet, or presentation in real time on their desktop, laptop, or mobile device. An entire class can be working on a project simultaneously!
  2. Security: Because your files live "in the cloud" they are automatically saved and backed-up. Additionally, you never need to wonder if you have the most recent copy of a file. 
  3. Sharing: Google docs is the easiest way to share files with students. Simple add them as a collaborator and give them read-only access or allow them to make changes. Need to make a change to the document? No problem. Make the change it it will automagically appear in everyone's document.
The Dashboard
  • Overview
  • Practice: Create a collection to organize documents shared with you today. 
  • Tip: Share a collection to easily share multiple documents.
Template Gallery
  • Overview
  • Practice: Browse for something you might use
  • Tip: Each Google Apps domain includes a private template gallery.