Classroom Innovations...unplugged

This team building activity will require you to think quickly - and to think outside the box - in order to win an innovation competition.

Step 1 (3 Minutes... Max!) - Take turns introducing yourselves to your team.

            1. Who are you?
            2. Where do you work? 
            3. What do you teach? (Or what program do you coordinate or administer?)
            4. Include something surprising about you that you'd like others on your team to remember as a conversation starter later. 
Step 2 (3 Minutes... Or Less!) - You will be racing the clock to write down as many innovations as you can think of on 3 x 5 cards. No duplicates are allowed. Don't talk. Don't think. Write.

Step 3 (3 Minutes... Tops!) - This is a surprise, but this is where the thinking outside of the box may come in handy.

Step 4 - One team will win a prize... and the respect (or jealousy) of their fellows!