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Activity 1:
Comment on our #gwesingapore blog!

I've made our very own blog here, and we're going to check the layout and add comments as an assignment. 
Click here to join us!

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Activity 2:
Make your own blog about student teaching!

Getting Started

Examples of Blogs in Education

Class web sites Example
Learning journals Example
Book Clubs Example
Connect with Authors and Experts Example
Pen Pals Example (See Global Awareness and Cultural Literacy Through Electronic Dialog)
Reflective Practice Example (Also, don't miss David Warlick's blog and Vicki Davis' blog.)
Teacher web sites Example
Professional Developent: The Thinking Stick
Professional Development Blog: Kim Cofino

Great Blogs to Start Following

Activity 3

Demo and Start Customizing Yours!

1. Choose several blogs (or, bonus, use Search techniques 
to find one of your interest) and populate your iGoogle!
2. Choose gadgets and add several for education