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Overview of the Apps

Resources for Teachers:

3 Getting Started Guides for Beginners
A Great Comparison of all Google Docs components
Digital Toolbox: Google Docs
10 Google Forms Ideas for the classroom - 
Using Google Docs in the Classroom: Tips and Tricks
20 Ways To Use Google Docs in the Classroom
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Google Wants YOUR Docs Ideas- click here to submit and see examples.


A District Administrator Talk About Google Docs and the impact on the classic research paper
Interview with Special Educator on using Google Docs
Sample Permission Slip for Google Apps for Education (includes Docs and other Web 2.0 tools)

As we do these activities together let's share strategies in which we can utilize docs in our learning environment

Individual Activities:

  • Creating Documents
  • Sharing options
  • Visibility options
  • Document Management
    • Titles
    • Folders
  • Setting Up A Form
    • Distributing Form
    • Accessing Form Results
  • Using Google Docs for file storage

Group Activities: 

Before we begin our group activities please complete the brief form here.

Each team will be assigned one of the following tasks: 
  • Doc: Write an essay or epic poem about innovative ways you can use Docs in your classroom, school, or district to "go green" and reduce copying, ink & paper.
  • Presentation: Create a visual presentation about some of the fun things you can do or have done in Switzerland. This will be more or less a travel collaborative travel story.  Our collaborative presentation is here
  • Spreadsheet: Complete the form here. We will look at innovative ways in which we can use spreadsheets and gadgets for aggregating and organizing information.
    • We'll look at some useful gadgets to increase our workflow efficiency
      • Word Cloud
      • Word Search
      • Translate
  • Our spreadsheet is here
  • Advanced: Collaborate on a Form to find out 5 fun stats about your group.  Fill out the form. 
    • Special challenge for this activity, let's create a non-linear multiple choice form

I'll embed some examples of our docs activities below

Fruits and Veggies Form