The Crib Sheet: 

Brief Discussion on google sites along with shared examples of Educational Uses including:

  • Sites for Professional Development
  • Teacher Websites
  • Sites for workshops (hint: are using one now =^)
  • Sites for Student Projects
  • Sites for Student Electronic Portfolios
Many of the above are ways in which I use sites with my classes and such.


  • Creating A Site
    • Name
    • Theme
    • Customizing look and features 
  • Inviting collaborators (owner, collaborator, viewer)
    • brief discussion on accessibility based upon invited role
    • Setting up page level permissions
  • Adding content
  • Embedding Content


Create a small group of approximately three
Choose one person to create a site.
  •     Browse for the template called "site training".  Be sure to use this and not site training 2
  •     Share site with other group members
  •     Choose which educator you want to be
  •     Proceed to that page and do the assigned tasks
  •     First person done comes back to this home page to complete tasks
  •     If the other two finish, work collaboratively on the Q&A page
  •     Share what you learned with each other
The next level

  • Enabling page level permissions
  • Optimize your site for mobile devices
  • Changing the navigational structure (horizontal navigation)
  • Customize the look with different colors and fonts
  • Adding headers and footers (Creative Commons License)