GWE Leysin Docs

Activity 1: Global Collaboration

Let's use Docs as a means to connect with the world for Global Activities!

Wendy's invited you to the Global Collab Doc.

In it, put your information and an idea about collaboration you

might have. While you're in there, practice:

-inserting a picture

-inserting a drawing

-highlighting and inserting a comment

-setting up the comment notifications!

-check out Revision History

-make a copy and translate!


Docs Resources

Activity 2: Make a Form!

Forms-- the easiest way to collect and analyze data!

Create a form for your school, or just one for fun.

YouTube Video

Don't forget:

1) Add questions

2) Pick a theme

3) Send the form to everyone in the workshop using 

this spreadsheet

4) Go back to your Docs, open the spreadsheet, and enjoy!

Make a Self-Grading Quiz with Flubaroo or a Script!

Check out and follow the instructions 

to either:

1) Play with a sample quiz and see how it works

2.) Ready to make your own? Follow these instructions

 step-by-step to create a Form, create an answer key, insert

Flubaroo script, and you're golden!


Forms Resources

YouTube Video

  Getting Started Guide

     Get Your Gadget On!

          50 MORE Gadget Ideas

         Get Fancy: Make a Script

       List O' Functions

     Spreadsheet Magic

Click here for a list of gadgets and how to use 'em!

Motion chart, word cloud, tree map, or just mess with charts.


Play with an existing Script: Use the Example Script, spreadsheet, and

and tutorial and practice making a very simple script. Magic!

Edit a Script template: Using MCQ Scripts, create a form or survey

that e-mails back people who submit it (great for sending quiz scores,

pre-workshop surveys, classroom observations, and more!)

Or check out the Gallery and give one a test drive!

YouTube Video