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Google Earth

  1. User Interface (Search, controls, etc.)
  2. Working in Google Earth
    1. Add content with markers
    2. Create tours (and record them)
    3. Embed and overlay photos, maps, and more
    4. Layers
    5. Record tours
    6. Historical imagery - view prior shots of cities where available
    7. Import kml and kmz files
  3. Examples
    1. Embedding a historical map or image
    2. Silk Roads
    3. Google Lit Trips (Grapes of Wrath, the Odyssey)
    4. Available Layers
    5. Historic Rome
This activity is going to be more about exploration! There is so much to see and do in Google Earth, that I want you to to see the potential. Some places to start:
  • Look at the Social Studies Lesson Ideas
  • View a screencast or tutorial on HOW to do something Google Earth and then try it
  • Review some of the resources directly from Google or from others
  • Examine the layers available within Google Earth
  • Create a short tour that reflects something from your course
  • Find a KMZ or KML file and import it into your Google Earth
At the end of the time, complete the following form to share what you found.

Resources from Google
Available Tours
Resources from Others
Screencast Tutorials for Google Earth
Social Studies Lesson Ideas