Google Apps Control Panel

The Google Apps Control Panel is where you will do most of the administration of your domain.  The nine tabs across the top will allow you to access all of the different tools available to you with your Google Apps for Education account..

The Dashboard shows all of the active services and the URL for these resources.  You may change these in the "Settings" menu.  At the bottom of this page, you will also see any partner tools you have added onto your Apps Domain from a third party by using the Google Apps Marketplace.  

The "Organization & Users" tab shows all of your Organizational units  and in the left hand column and will give you access to change the permissions for each "Organizational Unit" or individual "User."  The settings here can get very "granular," but they can also provide a great deal of customization.  

Organizations and Users

The "Groups" Tab allows you to add Groups to your account.  You can also allow users to create Groups in the "Settings" Tab.  

The "Domain Settings" tab allows you to make organizational wide changes to your account.  The "General" tab allows you to specify who is notified about changes and how Google provisions new features to your account. The "Domain Names" tab allows you to specify your registered, domain and other settings.  The "User Settings" tab allows you to manage organizations and individual user settings.  This is the place where you could make someone an Administrator of your domain, you can also specify the length of a user password here. 

The "Reports" tab provides a variety of reports about the user statistics of your domain.  You can also see what has happened in your domain and who made each change in your domain.

The "Advanced Tools" tab is where Google will put any new features it is adding into the Google Apps package.  This is also where you would configure your mass uploading of user accounts and