Google Apps Directory Sync (GADS)

My Quick and Dirty Guide:

What I use GADS to accomplish:
  • Sync both student and staff user accounts
  • Sync passwords (for only recently updated accounts)
  • Sync security and distribution groups
  • Inactivate users that have left the district
  • Email results of sync for troubleshooting purposes
How I use GADS and caveats:
  • I schedule a simple batch script to execute the program and call it's configuration file twice per day
  • sha1hexfltr "hack" is needed to create password hashes as GADS is unable to pull encrypted passwords out of Active Directory
    • ALL domain controllers need this or the hash won't always be created
  • All users need to change their password in order for the hash to populate (I mass-changed students in one fell swoop)

Downloads for Windows, Solaris, and Linux as well as documentation can be found here: