Google Apps Migration Tool for Microsoft Exchange

Administrator's Guide:

Migration Tool Installer:

Exchange Sync

Notes and Caveats:
  • Can pull directly from Exchange, a local Outlook profile, or PST file
  • Migrates Email, Calendars, and Contacts for each user
  • Creates "Labels" for any folders a user has created
    • Unfortunately, does not nest folders for you
    • Folders created under the Inbox are labeled "Inbox\Folder" and so on
Most schools and districts are extremely apprehensive to do any thing to their Exchange server, why?  Because, there has been story after story about a crashing Exchange server that has crashed causing them hour upon hour of recovery time.  

Google Apps alleviates this in several ways.  First, you can quickly and easily pull all of the mail from your Exchange server using IMAP.  

Google Apps Sync for Outlook

You can also configure your client machines to still use the Outlook client along with Google Apps.  The video above shows a company who allowed users to continue to use their Outlook Client after they transitioned over to Google Apps.  The number of users who stayed with their Outlook client dwindled quickly after the transition of the rest of the enterprise to Google Apps.