Guide to Going Google: The Why?

The decision to move your school district over to Google Apps for Education is one that has effects every employee and student in your district.  Because of the global change that Google Apps brings to your district, you need make sure that you answer several questions before you start the process?  

How Google Apps Work

- How does your district currently manage student accounts?
    Do students have e-mail?
    Do students have access to their files on a server?
    Can students access their files from home, as well as school?
    What tools do students need to be productive?  
    What tools do you anticipate your students needing to access in the future?
    Are you considering a BYOD or 1 to 1 computing program in the future?

- What tools does your staff need to use on a daily basis?
    Do they need to need to access these tools at home, as well as at school?
    Does your staff collaborate on documents?  Do they share lesson plans, assignments, etc.?  
    What process does your staff using to do this now?
    Do teachers have their own web pages?  Are they through a service or are they independent?
Administrators / Staff:
- What tools does your Administration and staff use on a daily basis?
    What tools does your main office use to communicate with the teaching staff? 
    What tools does your main office use to communicate with parents and community members?
    Is your school web page up to date?  Who updates it?

As we look at all of these questions, the most important question is:  


 How can Google Apps satisfy your school districts technology needs?  

Google Presentation

Answering Questions:  

As you start the process of transitioning or migrating to Google Apps, there are going to be plenty of questions that District Administrators, Information Technology Personnel, Board Members and School Site Administrators are going to have about Google Apps.  The more information you can provide for them as you start the initial fact finding process, the more support you will have moving forward into the implementation stage.  

Five Tips for Staying Safe on the Web

- Google Family Safety Center

Privacy Principles

The Data Liberation Front