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The Crib Sheet: Google Docs 

Google Docs Palm Springs 2012

Number off into collaborateive groups.
Create a lesson plan on the provided topic (or feel free as a group to change the topic)

Group 1 document: http://goo.gl/tP68a Topic: Internet Safety

Group 2 document: http://goo.gl/wwuuW Topic: Anti-Bullying

Group 3 document: http://goo.gl/efim1 Topic: Thinking about college

Group 4 document: http://goo.gl/8vGPc Topic: Study Skills

Group 5 document: http://goo.gl/tz874 Topic: Presentation Skills

Group 6 document: http://goo.gl/Ohxrq Topic: Why Failure is Good

  • Use the insert comment feature to share ideas, come to agreement. 
  • Use the insert drawing feature to give samples of graphic organizers the students may use.
  • Click on the share button and invite someone to the document.
    • Invite me :) mrskeeler@gmail.com

Activity 2:
Create a form your school might use to collect information from staff or students.
Copy and paste your URL into this form: http://goo.gl/SYWrq
View the list here and fill out participant forms: http://goo.gl/BwXRW

Advanced: Modify your URL by appending &entry_0=text to pre fill out parts of your form. (Note the first field is field zero not 1).

Activity 3
Create a group presentation sharing your favorite websites for student use.
  • Create a slide of your site(s)
  • Try to insert an image by URL from the website
  • Include the website URL
  • Give a use or lesson for the site.
  • Make your presentation public
Share your presentation URL: http://goo.gl/RhMYR
View the list here: http://goo.gl/NN48K

Additional Google Docs Tools:

Apps Training From Google

Great Content from the EdTechTeam

Google Docs Video Tutorials 
(Great for self-grading quizes!)

Iron Chef Examples:
Some of my former adult students' work
Another former student at work, with her kids
Dystopia example

Additional Form ideas from Jen Roberts GTAWA '11
Google Form and English Class

Other Classroom Ideas For Google Docs:
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