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What it means to be a Google Apps CT

Passing the tests is one thing, but there's a whole lot more that's needed in order to maintain eligibility of Google Certified Trainer.
Pass all six tests with an 80% or higher.
Once you do this, you're considered a qualified trainer. Not quite the big time yet, but a big step closer. 

To become certified...

This is something that you have to apply for... it's not automatically granted.  Other Google Apps Certified trainers help review the applicants who apply.  The whole process takes about 6 weeks.
  • Have previously achieved ‘Qualified Individual’ status.
  • Complete a case study demonstrating your experience in technology instruction and/or professional development. Additional strong references from school or business clients are required.
  • Submit a 2 minute video introduction about your background, role in education technology, and innovative approach to using Google Apps
  • Create sample learning materials and produce a short video which demonstrates your familiarity with Google Apps features.
  • Demonstrate extensive experience using and training Google Apps to educational organizations prior to application.
  • Commit to conducting at least 3 professional development activities related to Google Apps every quarter
  • View the complete application here.

Then... after ALL OF THAT!!!


Well, there's a lot to it... more information here!

Other things you'll have to keep in mind!

Create Marketplace profile

This is something that is required of each Certified Trainer... Once you have it done, then you're adding into the repository of all of the other Certified Trainers for Education!

Expectations of a trainer (Staying Certified)
1 Acting on behalf of Google
Log training events (3/quarter) - attendance, topics, dates

Stay up to date with all the latest features/releases

4 Participate in the community
Contribute resources

Maintain qualification - A follow "refresher" test of  new things that have been added!