The Crib Sheets: Google Calendar


Calendar - (~1/2 hr)
  • What can Google Calendar do for you? 
  • What can Google Calendar do for your class and students?
  • What can Google Calendar do for you school?
  • Taking Google Calendar to the next level 

Google Presentation

Hands-On Activities:

Activity One:  
  1. Create a new calendar for your class or professional development training
  2. Share it with a colleague

Calendar Resources

Google Calendar in Google Apps

Bonus: Google Calendar to Twitter How To 

Google Calendar to Twitter by GCT Danny Silva

YouTube Video


Introduction to Google Calendar By GCT John Sowash

YouTube Video

Google Calendar Labs

YouTube Video

Google Calendar Help Videos: Google Calendar Playlist form Google

Google Resources for Educators:
  • Let people save an individual event from your site
  • Let people save all of your events from your site
  • With just a click of a button    
  • Add the button basically anywhere you can put HTML code - including Google Maps - more info here.

Using QR Codes
  • Use Google's url shorting service ( and ad ".qr" at the end and create a QR code. 
  • People can use a smartphone's Bar Code reader to add the calendar event to their calendar.
  • Put this QR Code anywhere. Even printed flyers or posters for your event.  Check out more info here.

Presentation Information from Google Workshops for Administrators (GWA)  by Kyle Brumbaugh - GWE, Brooklyn, NY