The Crib Sheet: Google Sites

Google Presentation

Activity: Create a Google Site to communicate with your department.
  1. Creating a site
    1. Name the site
    2. Select a theme
  2. Edit the homepage
    The Buttons
    Shortcut - e for edit
  3. Layout
  4. Insert an image
  5. Share the site
    1. Choose can view for page level permissions
    2. Can have multiple owners
  6. Create a Calendar page
    Shortcut - c for create
    1. Webpage
    2. Announcements
    3. File Locker
    4. Links
  7. Insert a calendar
    1. Month, Week or Agenda view
  8. Create a page
  9. Put a page under
    1. create an announcements page (blog)
    2. Create new post
    3. Attach a file
  10. Use the More button to
    1. view revision history
    2. move the page
    3. delete page
    4. change page template
    5. manage site
  11. Edit sidebar
  12. Add a sidebar item
    1. Insert a countdown
  13. Edit navigation
    1. level of pages to show
  14. Change site layout
    1. Horizontal navigation
  15. Manage site options
  16. Create a page: Examine insert menu
    1. Insert a gadget
    2. Insert a google document
    3. Insert a google form

  • Create a Google Site to communicate with your staff.
  • Share with someone
  • Insert a gadget
  • Insert an image
  • Create a page (c)
  • Create an announcement page
    • Create a blog announcement
    • Embed a presentation
  • 2 column layout on a page
    • Embed a Google form
  • Edit sidebar, insert a countdown
Google Sites Help 

Embedding Google Products in Google Sites Videos:
from GCT Molly Schroeder

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