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GWE - 5-11-12

32 Ways to Use Google Apps in the Classroom

Think of the best example of innovation in education
that you can.

For this exercise, the innovation should not involve computers, gadgets, or anything "techie." The example doesn't need to be something you've done yourself. Perhaps it's something one of your teachers did when you were a student or something you've seen one of your colleagues (or heroes) do.

  1. Think about what the words innovation and learning in education mean to you. Think fast, and prepare to share. You'll have about two minutes to think.
  2. Partner up. Turn to the person next to you and talk about what innovation and learning mean to you and the story behind your thoughts. Is there an example you have from your classroom? You'll have only a few minutes to do this. Make sure both of you get a chance to speak.
  3. Time to narrow down your thinking. Click on this link and type two words that describe innovation and one word that represents learning to you. 
  4. Patience, Grasshopper. Please wait as the rest of the room has a chance to complete the form. Feel free to watch as the response come in. 
  5. In the Cloud. Check out what our groups thinks of innovation collectively using a word cloud and Google Forms. 
  6. Deductions/Reductions. What can we deduce from this cloud?

Innovation and Learning Results