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The Crib Sheets: Google Calendar
The Tool: http://calendar.google.com
The Help: http://www.google.com/support/calendar/?hl=en
The Learning Module: Calendar

  • What can Google Calendar do for you? 
  • What can Google Calendar do for your class and students?
  • What can Google Calendar do for you school?
  • Taking Google Calendar to the next level

Hands-On Activities:

Activity One:  
  1. Create a new calendar for your class or professional development training
  2. Share it with a colleague

Calendar Resources

Google Calendar in Google Apps

Google For Educators:

Introduction to Google Calendar By GCT John Sowash

Google Calendar Labs by Danny Silva

Google Calendar Help Videos: Google Calendar Playlist form Google

Google Calendar for Apps Training

Bonus: Google Calendar to Twitter How To 

Calendar Tutorials Playlist YouTube

Google How-to