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The Crib Sheet: Google Docs 

2012-5-11 Google Docs

Activity 1: Documents
Number off into collaborative groups.

Create a Google doc and make a lesson plan on the provided topic
(or feel free as a group to change the topic).

Group 1 Document—Topic: Internet Safety

Group 2 Document—Topic: Anti-Bullying

Group 3 Document—Topic: Flipped Classroom

Group 4 Document—Topic: Creativity and Technology
  • Use the insert comment feature to share ideas, come to agreement. 
  • Use the insert drawing feature to give samples of graphic organizers the students may use.
  • Click on the share button and invite the others in your team to the document.
    • Invite me :) julener@mac.com
Activity 2: Forms
Your objective is create one form that you can implement immediately in your classroom or office to (1) reduce waste, (2) save time, and (3) collect feedback or information.

Part 1: Create the form
  1. Create a new form.
  2. Select the appropriate question types.
  3. Apply a theme of your choice.
  4. Test your form out. 
  5. Complete this Workshop Form and add your URL.
Part 2: Take some surveys
  1. View the surveys of your peers, in the next 5 minutes.
  2. Starting after your survey on the list, take as many as you can in the designated times.
Part 3: Review your results
  1. Use Form > Show summary of responses to get a quick overview of how people responded.
  2. Sort your survey/form spreadsheet by columns to see how it works.

Activity 3: Spreadsheets
View the spreadsheet for your form.
Create a new spreadsheet, then let's play together with some spreadsheet magic!
  • Chart
  • Fill: Presidents, States, Fruits, Series, etc.
  • Repeat
  • Word Clouds
  • Other Gadgets and Ideas

Activity 4: Presentations
Create a group presentation sharing your favorite websites and/or online services for student use.
  • Create a slide of your favorite website(s)
  • Insert an image by URL from the website
  • Include the website URL
  • Give a use or lesson for the site.
Here is our presentation site we will all create together:

Activity 5: Drawings
Create a drawing that can be used in a document.
Play with the Word Art. Make a graphic. Check out the options for saving/exporting.
You can create drawings when you are in documents, too!

Additional Google Docs Tools:

Apps Training From Google

Additional Form ideas from Jen Roberts GTAWA '11
Google Form and English Class

Other Classroom Ideas For Google Docs: