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Google produces a number of free tools that can help students and educators access information, locate timely research, and share resources. For instance, Google Books makes the full text of the worlds greatest libraries searchable from any computer - and makes it possible to share relevant books with colleagues or students. Google Scholar provides meaningful access to scholarly research over time. Google News aggregates and filters thousands of news sources so the important information rises to the top, and Google Blogsearch helps make sense of the social web as it happens. This session focuses on the best strategies to put these tools (and others) to use in support of your school’s mission.

Quick Reference:

Web Search
Activity: Use these advanced search techniques to locate resources useful to you as an educator.

Specialized Search (Killer Research Tools)
Activity: Use these specialized search tools to locate resources useful to you as an educator.

Multimedia Search (Time Permitting)
More Search Tools for Educators
Activity: Create a Custom Search Engine for Your Site (Time Permitting)
  • With a small group, choose a topic to research - preferably something relevant to your staff or students.
  • Create a custom search engine focused on the topic.
  • Use the other specialized search tools above to locate quality resources related to the topic.
  • Populate the custom search engine with the quality resources you find.
  • Share the custom search engine with the Lead Learner. A link to each CSE will be added below.