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Google Sites Basics

Google Sites as Student Portfolios (Resources from GCT Molly Schroeder)

Sample Activity: Create a Google Site with Research Resources for Your Students or Colleagues

Create a Google Site (or a page on an existing site). 

Decide on a purpose for the site (or page).
Embed the following:

A relevant book.
A google scholar search (if applicable).
A google news search.
A custom search engine.
A relevant YouTube Video.
Calendars, Documents, Maps, and more...

Using the following embedding strategies:

Click the HTML Button to embed code.
Use the Insert menu to add a Gadget, and select an iFrame gadget (then paste in the long ugly URL).
Use the Insert menu to add Videos, Calendars, Documents, Maps, and more...


Proof-of-Concept Activity: Create a site you might actually use as an educator (OR create a sample student portfolio).

Create a new site. HINT: Do NOT start with a template! (Use a theme for the look and feel, but not a "template.")
Practice the following:
Edit Navigation
Embed a rich variety of resources: images, videos, Google Docs, Gadgets, and more...
Setup sub-pages that might be useful to you and your students or colleagues.

Reflection Activity

How might you use Google Sites in your role as an educator?
How might you use Google Sites for Student Portfolios at your school?