The Google Apps dashboard is where domain administrators can add new users and services to your Google Domain. Core Google products have granular controls that can be customized for different user groups. Other Google products can be turned on or off for the domain. 

A test-domain has been setup for you to use and explore the dashboard: Log in with the username and password provided and complete the hands-on projects below. 
  1. Create a new user
  2. Explore sub-domains and user groups.
  3. Re-set a password
  4. Explore the settings for each of the core Google products. 
  5. Explore the domain settings panel.
  6. View available services for the domain (Organizations & Users --> Services)
Core Google Products
 Sites Contacts
 Calendar Chat Groups
 Docs Video 

Popular Non-Core Products
 BloggerG Voice
 PicassaG Reader

Apps CT Study Tips: 
  1. Be familiar with domain customization options:
    • Look and feel 
    • Custom URL's to services
    • Custom settings for core products. 
  2. Postini Message Security
    • Setup
    • Application and settings
  3. Groups
    • Understand the difference between domain groups and user-created groups.