Google sites is a tool that allows you to create professional looking websites without requiring any technical knowledge of HTML. If you can use a word-processing program, then you can use Google Sites. One of the best things about Google Sites is the ease with which you can integrate your Google calendar, documents, or videos. Google Sites can be shared with a small group to keep track of a project, an entire organization to provide timely information, or the entire world to promote and share information.

Google Sites in Action
As a digital Portfolio
As a web-portal
As a stand-alone web-site
As a class web-page
For School Fund-raisers
For student projects
As a web-quest

YouTube Video

Hands On: 
  1. Explore the examples of Google Sites included in the next column. 
  2. Visit this practice site and follow the posted instructions. 
  3. Think, pair, share: how would you use Google Sites?
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