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even more

The Tools: 

Apps for EDUBloggerGoogle Books
MobileGoogle CalendarGoogle EarthGmailGoogle GroupsiGoogleGoogle MapsFinanceGoogle NewsPicasaPicnikGoogle ReaderSketchUpGoogle SitesYouTubeApps Scriptgoo.gl, Code TranslateGoogle Takeout Google+The Chrome Browser & Even More

Crib Sheets and more Crib Sheets: 
Google Apps: Education EditionBloggerGoogle BooksGoogle CalendarGoogle EarthGmailGoogle GroupsiGoogleKnolGoogle MapsGoogle NewsPicasaPicnikGoogle ReaderSketchUpYouTube
and Google+

Check out:
Good to Know - Internet Safety w/Google

Google Almanac - A Google Site Created by GTCs for the GTA.
Google Channels on YouTube
Google Guide for Teachers I - by GCT, Richard Byrne
Google Guide for Teachers II - by GCT, Richard Byrne

Google Apps versus Google apps
Looking to use Google Apps with your school?  
Keep Track of Changes with
Google Twitter Feeds
Google Blog Posts

What do you love?


1. In a group of 3 or 4, come to a consensus about what you love!

2. Click here to type in what you love and explore EVEN MORE tools that Google offers!

3. Individually, choose one of the tools highlighted in What Do You Love and explore it even further. 

Consider the following:
  • What is it? 
  • How does it work? 
  • What's special about it?
  • How might it be useful for educators and students?
  • What else do you want to learn about it?
4.  Time permitting, share your findings with the group.  Identify one thing that makes the tool worth exploring further.