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                                                                                Let's get started... your first task is:

Activity 1

Before you start, give Operators a whirl!

Search exactly as is (+), Fill in the blanks (*), Terms you want to exclude (-), Search within a specific website (site:), 
Phrase search (""), The OR operator,and other Google Operators to help you search!

Text Google for help! Google SMS 

BONUS: TRY NEW GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH! Drag a picture in and see what comes up.

Follow the prompts, and let's see who cracks it first!

What search techniques can help you on Google a Days?

Activity 2

Tell your Search Story, and have your kids, too! When you're done, share the link on this form:

YouTube Search Story Link

Copy of The Left-Hand Panel

Activity 3: Research a Topic of Interest Using Google Tools

Use these hot tricks:

Copy of AASL Power Searching Slides

Global Connections Alert!

Use Search techniques for your students to help 
research for the worldwide global project, 
Challenge 20/20!  or any research project!