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The Crib Sheets:

A great Cheat Sheet.
Bonus: Posters for your classroom. 

Google Search Curriculum by Google Certified Teachers
Classroom Activities

Search Education Evangelism site

Dig Into More Search

Searching Visual History
Life Magazine Photo Archive

Searching Classic Works of Art

The Google Art Project 
Kahn Academy and Smarthistory

Search is personal! Create your own Search Stories

Go Crazy with 
Top 10 Obscure Google Search Tips

Create your own Custom Search for yourself, your class, or your colleagues.
  • Add a couple of your favorite sites for search.
  • Add a collaborator or two..or ten!
  • Add a Marker to your toolbar.
Search by Image (drop an image in the Google search box in Chrome)

Search at iSummit

Bob Dylan and Google Instant

Lucy Gray,
Jul 8, 2012, 8:11 PM