Marketplace and Dashboard

Activity 1: Makeover your Dashboard
 Log into your Dashboard 
                                                      Activity 2: Get Your Group On

  • Create a user
  • Change a password!
  • Create a suborganization
  • Create a group for use at your school or district. Examples include:
    • Administrators
    • Site tech leads
    • Professional Learning Communities
  • Give rights to your IT Team!
                                                       Activity 3General Mischief

  • Explore the granular user settings for each of the Core Apps 
    • Mail
    • Sites
    • Contacts
    • Groups
    • Calendar 
    • Docs
    • Chat 
    • Video
  • Explore popular non-Core products (that you can turn on and off, but not granular settings)
    • Blogger
    • Google Voice
    • Google + (faculty)
    • Picasa
    • Reader

 Marketplace Tour

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

It's Time to Go Shopping!

Come to the EDU Marketplace and find at least two apps


  • Echo Sign Electronic signature for Google Apps
  • ManyMoon Social productivity, project management & task management
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Schedule Once
  • Cloud storage
  • GrockIt Testing
    Administrator Tools
    Collaboration and Research

    Share it Out

    What were your favorite apps you found?

    Read Module 1, Google Apps and pick one toughie to put in the Jeopardy game for tomorrow.

    Google Apps Jeopardy