Google Sites

Activity 1: Create Your Teacher Portfolio Site!
Wendy's invited you to Bootcamp Portfolio.

You'll need to Make a Copy.

We'll be adding to this throughout the bootcamp, and it's your portfolio to keep!


 Practice adding pages and content. 

  • Add 4 pages representing the different file types (i.e. web page, list page, announcement page, file page .)
  • Play with changing page layouts
  • Use headings on your pages and then try adding a subpage listing.
  • On your home page, use gadgets to bring content to the front of your web site.  Practice embedding documents, presentations, videos, and more. Check out the Insert menu. 

See if you can insert the following:

Taking Your Site to the Next Level:

  • Experiment with some of the new fonts that are available through the new interface. 
  • Experiment with horizontal navigation within Google sites.  It can provide you more real estate in the prime area of your site.   Try also adding a custom banner that will give your site a better look across the top of the page.   Examples to the right!
  • Try out some of the new page level permissions that are available in Google sites.  This can prove to be very beneficial on how you can setup your sites in the future.
  • Google Sites now has the option to view videos found within Google Docs.   No longer will you need the option for Google Video, you can embed (and have them automatically converted for web viewing) straight into Google Docs and sites.   Upload a video to Google Docs and then embed into Google SItes.
Activity 2: Flip Your Site

Check out and create yourself a YouTube Playlist that you can have students watch 
(or a screencast or recording of directions that you create and upload yourself).
Next, embed the video or playlist on a Google Site page.
Finally, embed a Google Form to collect evidence of understanding.
Flipping with Google Sites, Forms, and YouTube-- the triumvirate of tech!

Activity 3: Student Portfolios

Check out templates of student portfolios if you're interested in your student digitally arching their 
work an reflections. If you like one, copy it for your own and you can make it available for your students!

YouTube Video

For a classroom web page

For a Unit or Project

For an event, resource page or digital presence

Google Sites Resources

- Google Products

- Other Web Products

Google Sites Design Matters

Google-Produced ResourcesGCT Produced Resources
Exemplar Classroom Teacher SitesExemplar Professional Development Sites

Additional Google Tips and Tricks:
Tips and Tricks

For advanced users, try at least 2 of the following activities.
1. Try using the embed gadget in the Featured category to embed a non-Google product such as a Slideshare or VoiceThread link. If you are looking for material to embed, try the following links:
2. Change the navigation to a horizontal layout under More>Manage Site>Site Layout.

3. Add a Google+ button to a page.

4. Add a custom search engine to your Google Site.

  •    Create a Google Custom Search Engine OR use one of the following:

5.  Play around with the look of your Google Site. 
  • Go to More>Manage Site>Site Layout>Colors and Fonts. Check out the great variety of fonts that are now available to you. Try to customize your Site so that it looks quite different than the basic templates and themes.
  •  Create images at COLOURLovers to use as backgrounds. Try out the Picnik Chrome app for another image editing solution.

4. Try embedding a YouTube playlist to your Google Site. Get ideas on how to do this from this blog post on embedding playlists on Blogger.

6. Save a page as a template. More>Manage Site>Page Templates

7.  Save a Google Site as a template. More>Manage Site>General

Advanced Apps

Advanced Resources's How To's

Using Dropbox with Google Sites (YouTube tutorial)

Jeopardy for Tomorrow!

Go through the Google Sites Manual

Put a question here:

Google Apps Sites Jeopardy