Read Module 1, Google Apps and pick one toughie to put in the Jeopardy game.


Google Apps Jeopardy

Activity 1: Makeover your Dashboard
 Log into your Dashboard 

Wendy's Test Account Information

Log in with: and password: venturabootcamp

                                        Activity 2: Get Your Group On

  • Create a user
  • Change a password!
  • Create a suborganization
  • Create a group for use at your school or district. Examples include:
    • Administrators
    • Site tech leads
    • Professional Learning Communities
  • Give rights to your IT Team!
                                        Activity 3General Mischief

  • Explore the granular user settings for each of the Core Apps 
    • Mail
    • Sites
    • Contacts
    • Groups
    • Calendar 
    • Docs
    • Chat 
    • Video
  • Explore popular non-Core products (that you can turn on and off, but not granular settings)
    • Blogger
    • Google Voice
    • Google + (faculty)
    • Picasa
    • Reader

 Marketplace Tour

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

It's Time to Go Shopping!

Come to the EDU Marketplace and find at least two apps


  • Echo Sign Electronic signature for Google Apps
  • ManyMoon Social productivity, project management & task management
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Schedule Once
  • Cloud storage
  • GrockIt Testing
    Administrator Tools
    Collaboration and Research

    Share it Out

    What were your favorite apps you found?