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ACTIVITY #1: Pair up with a partner.  One partner will create a new document, share it with your partner and mark.hammons@gmail.com. You will then use the document to collaborate at the same time.  Try to come up with 5 different ways you can use Docs in your classroom, school, or district to GO GREEN!

ACTIVITY #2: Pair up with a new group of people (groups of 4) from all around the room.  One partner will create a new spreadsheet and share it with your new friend.   Now, create a comprehensive list of ADJECTIVES describing the group.

Important: you are responsible for your row, and your row only.   No helping your buddy! 
  1. Choose a vacant row.
  2. Add your name
  3. Use the alphabetic column headings to write adjectives that describe your personality. 
  4. Observe other rows. 
  5. Try and be original. 
ACTIVITY #3:  This is an individual task... creating a form!   Your objective is to create a form that you can use immediately.   Keep it short for sake of time (remember, you can always go back and edit later).   

  1. Create a new form.
  2. Select the appropriate question type. 
  3. Apply a theme of your choice. 
  4. Test your form out.  Get at least a few people int he room to respond. 
  5. Use FORM>SHOW SUMMARY OF RESPONSES to get an overview. 
  6. Sort by different people (or change your view)
Be sure to get an understanding of the three levels of forms...
  1. Data Collection
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Editing Questions.

ACTIVITY #4: Create a presentation (5 slides) about Crescent City... something that could be used to show visitors about the great city.   Feel free to use any photos on the web, or even some videos.  

ACTIVITY #5: Leverage the power of a folder.    For this activity you will create a new folder and then share it with a fellow teacher or team leader.   Then add any appropriate, unshared, documents to the folder. Instead of sharing just one doc at a time, now your sharing only once!

ACTIVITY #6: Create a drawing...  working with a partner from around the room, start a Google Drawing (perhaps a seating chart or a diagram for an upcoming an event).   

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