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Groups Help


Activity #1 - You've been invited to a google group for the day.  Navigate to your settings and change your profile name and adjust how you'd like to receive messages (either digest or individual messages). 

Activity #2 - Brainstorm with a colleague how you could use groups for various elements around your school?

Activity #3 - Post a message to the group.  You can do this from either the web or directly from your email (the email address for the group is: 

Activity #4 - Reply to a message of a colleague and see how the group messages interact with each other and how they work with your email. 

Activity #5 (time permitting) - Create a group that you can use for the upcoming school year. 

Key Features

Threaded discussions posted to the web and distributed via email. 
Find members of the group, including bio and contact information.  

Important Concepts                                                                           
  • Types
    • Team
    • Public
    • Announcement
    • Custom
  • Creating an email list or group for the entire school; you can also use the single address to share a doc, calendar or site with an entire group
  • Use groups without email
  • Share calendars, docs, sites, and videos within a group

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