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Bonus Resources!

We've only covered the tip of the iceberg during our time together! Fortunately, a vibrant community surrounds the Google Apps for Education platform. There are numerous ways to continue to learn, places to find support, and share your discoveries. Here are a few of our favorites. 

A growing collection of 47 short tutorials on everything from Google Earth, to Calendar, to Gmail. Listed as one of the top podcasts in the Education and Learning section of iTunesU!

This is the most comprehensive guide to all of the features and tools included with Google Apps for education. This is the place to find the answer to even the most obscure questions you might have. 

The use of technology in education provides powerful opportunities to engage students in authentic learning. Google has developed a suite of tools that can easily be integrated into K-12 classrooms to encourage collaboration and creativity. This course will provide educators with a basic understanding of various Google products and suggest ways to integrate those products into the classroom. 

Note: this course is only accessible via the iTunesU app for iOS devices. 

These groups were created to build a community of Google Apps for Education users to support and share ideas related to the integration of Google Apps in the classroom. Joining the midwest regional group will give you access to the technical support help forum and notification of important updates and regional meet-ups.