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Google Drive & Docs
Docs basicsCustomizableHow to create, edit, and share a document.
Spreadsheets basicsCustomizableHow to access, create, edit, and share a spreadsheet.
Presentations basicsCustomizableHow to access, create, edit, and share a presentation.
Google Drive basicsCustomizableAn overview of the new Google Drive list for organizing, finding, and sharing documents and files of any type.

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Activity 1: Introduce Yourself
Click on this PRESENTATION here and introduce yourself!

Activity 2: Doc Your Story Contest

Make a Docs Story to Announce Your Use Case and Training! Click here.

Put your story here.

Activity 3: Google Docs 
Join our document. Click here.

Thailand 10 Ways to Use Apps on Campus ‎‎(University)‎‎

Activity 4: Worktime

ON YOUR OWN TIME! 15 minutes

1. Create a Google Doc for a project at your school/department
2. Upload a Word Document you already have.
3. Make a Folder in Google Drive
4. Make a SURVEY in Google Forms



Forms-- the easiest way to collect and analyze data!

Create a form for your school, or just one for fun.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Don't forget:

1) Add questions

2) Pick a theme

3) Send it to someone!

4) Go back to your Docs, open the spreadsheet, and enjoy!

Advanced: Scripts

Make a spreadsheet that you think you could collaborate with someone else on. Add a gadget or a formula!

Upload an existing Powerpoint you have into Presentations and add someone else to it to edit it.

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