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Google Docs/Drive

Google Drive Activity:

    • Make a folder
    • Move files to folder
    • Share folder

Create and Share a Doc Activities:

Activity 1: Documents

Click on this link to access our group collaboration document. 

While you're in there, practice:

-inserting a picture
-inserting a drawing
-highlighting and inserting a comment
-setting up the comment notifications!
-check out Revision History
-make a copy and translate

Activity 2: Documents
Number off into collaborative groups.

Create a Google doc and make a lesson plan on the provided topic
(or feel free as a group to change the topic).

Group 1 Document—Topic: Internet Safety

Group 2 Document—Topic: Creativity and Technology

Group 3 Document—Topic: Flipped Classroom

  • Use the insert comment feature to share ideas, come to agreement. 
  • Use the insert drawing feature to give samples of graphic organizers the students may use.
  • Click on the share button and invite the others in your team to the document.
    • Invite Gini and Joe:  gpiercecummings@gmail.com, josephayala@gmail.com

Docs on the iPad: Joe

Create a Google Form: Joe