Productivity-Calendar and Gmail

Google  Calendar

A go to tool and a great way to introduce Google's power to your staff.

Use Google Calendar because it is...

In the Cloud - always there and easily accessible
Easy to synch
Collaborative and it simplifies work flow

Tip: When you add an item by clicking a date on you calendar the default is an all day event. Edit even to set times.

Also on edit page there is a drop down of all your calendars. make sure you are adding the even to the right calendar.

My favorite use-

Resource scheduling- Create separate calendars for computer cart, computer lab, library etc and share editing privilege with staff so they can sign up real time. It also gives you great data on how resources are being used.

Remember just because you have shared 10 calendars you do not have to look at them all at once. Simple click in you side bar to turn the view off when you want to focus on one calendar.


Tips and tricks

Use priority inbox to organize your mail in a way that works for you.

Use filters to assign labels so you can easily search for and group your mail

Add multiple accounts to your gmail

Use the invite tool so that meetings are automatically added to calendars