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Get Fancy: Make a Script 
Tutorials (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) List O' Functions 

Getting Started Guide 
Get Your Gadget On! 
50 MORE Gadget Ideas 
Get Fancy: Make a Script 
List O' Functions 
Spreadsheet Magic

Google Drive Activity:
    • Make a folder
    • Move files to folder
    • Share folder

Create and Share a Doc Activities:

Create a doc and practice:

-inserting a picture
-inserting a drawing
-highlighting and inserting a comment
-setting up the comment notifications!
-check out Revision History
-make a copy and translate
Classroom Templates
Administrative Observation Walkthrough 
Technology Survey 
Three Minute Administrative Walk-Through 
Homework Check 
Discipline Form 
Science Fair Judging Form 
Story Board 
Booklist Template 
Word Find Template 
Vocabulary Flashcard builder - This spreadsheet creates a custom flashcard sheet. 

Manage Student Behavior and Behavior Data
Daily Behavior Data Form 
Weekly Behavior Report Form 
Behavioral and Anecdotal Observations Form 
Safe and Civil Student Survey 
Cyber Safety Parent Survey (Example
Climate Change Culminating Task Outline 
Multimedia Group Project Planning Spreadsheet 
Peer Evaluation Form 
Join an Online School Project Form 
Group Assignment Concept Submission Template 
Group Sorting Form 
Speaking Group Selection Form 
Group Participation Form 
Student Group Welcome Form

10 Tips on Docs from the APPS EDU Training Center

Getting Started Guide
Teachers' Toolbox 
Classroom Lesson Plans 
How to Use it In The Classroom 
Tips and Tricks for Teachers 
Google Docs for Educators 
Presentation: Overview for Educators (great to show!) 
Presentation: Google Docs in the Bronx 
Google Docs Blog 
Google Apps: Bloom's Taxonomy Map