Google Drive Overview and Best Practices

Presentation by Diane Main and Will Kimbley

Best Practices for Google Apps:

  • Sharing: Verify email addresses (will populate if in domain)
  • Students should always share with the teacher
  • View, Edit, Comment—the options
  • Naming conventions for student work (period, assignment, names, etc.)
  • Revision history (remind the students you can see what they write, even when it is "deleted")
  • Everyone is accountable! Make sure students use their personal login when working.
  • Chat
  • One for planning and one for final product
Paperless Classroom with Google Drive
(including students turning in work through Google Drive)

Professional Development—Training Teachers
  • Provide an overview if desired, but assure teachers they won't be doing it all right away
  • Prioritize apps and train/implement them strategically in stages
  • Provide support for those ready to move ahead
  • Provide resources for those needing hand holding or review (a help site with videos, etc., but keep the site simple)
  • Consider training in groups by discipline or grade level
  • Model the first lesson with the teacher and students
  • Have a Google Guru for different aspects of the Google apps—a person the teachers can go to at their location
  • Practice, practice, practice—teachers (and students) will need to DO this several times before they feel confident and comfortable
  • Ask the teachers to try ONE THING…then, another. No one can do it all at once.
  • Encourage teachers to start small and simple the first time.
  • Build the excitement. It really is FUN!!
  • Make it okay to make mistakes. That is how we all learn.
  • Share with each other! Share teacher ideas and projects! How about a Google+ Community!

Photos in Drive
  • Folders
  • Thumbnail view
  • cooliris for mobile
  • Picasa web
Videos in Drive
  • YouTube/YouTube for Schools versus Drive