Google Forms and Flubaroo

Flubaroo is a Google Apps for Education integrated tool that lets you easily grade objective assignments and do in-class assessments.

Forms and Flubaroo Overview, Part 1 of 2

Getting Started with Flubaroo, Part 2 of 2


  • Create professional–looking forms
    • Choose from over 60 themes and 7 question types
  • See entries in spreadsheet form
    • Automatically add responses to a spreadsheet that are connected to your survey
  • Easily view the collected information
    • Automatically generate sophisticated charts and graphs.
  • What's new in forms:
    • Added: Saves automatically, copy and paste bulleted list into form, grid question type, improved results summary charts, sign–in to view form, editable responses, pre–filled form URL, choose response destination, make a copy/delete all responses, keyboard shortcuts, bi–directional lanugage support, and collaboration
    • Changed: Accessing spreadsheet view, live form URL,  and confirmation message editor locations; summary of responses no longer truncated, fewer themes, but growing
    • Coming Soon: Additional themes and hopefully the ability to easily add images

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"Google Forms Takes a New Shape!" by Jennie Magiea

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Flubaroo Overview and Tutorial:

Important Flubaroo Note:
Do not sort data in your original spreadsheet as it can compromise the integrity of the spreadsheet data as related to the form (and especially in regard to email addresses remaining correct). Instead, make a copy of the original spreadsheet, then do any desired data sorting in that copy.