Google Sites

Create a Site of Your Own!

Design a site that you can utilize with your colleagues, your students, an organization, or your community. Create a site that will be useful, one that you can continue to use. Once you create your basic site, then implement the items below.

Learning Activity:
  1. Create a new site with a blank template .
  2. Edit the homepage to reflect the purpose of your site.
  3. Adjust Page Settings.
  4. Include an image in your homepage.
  5. Use the sharing options to invite someone else to contribute to your site.
  6. Go to Manage Site and explore options.
  7. Add a new page.
  8. Edit the sidebar navigation.
Additional Activities:
  1. Add an element from your Google Docs account to your Google Site.
  2. Add a video to your Google Site.
  3. Embed a gadget.
  4. Add a calendar to your Google Site.
  5. Add a theme.
  6. Add a hyperlink to a webpage.
Reflection Activity
How will you use what you've learned about sites in your role as an educator?

URL Shortening Sites:

Google URL Shortener
TinyURL (can create custom URL)

Ideas for Higher Education:

  • Professors can use Google Sites as an online repository of their course materials.
  • Students can create a site as part of a project.
  • Student teachers can create a site with lesson plans, learning artifacts, video of their classes or their teaching, etc.
  • Sites can be utilized as an electronic portfolio for both faculty and students.
  • Google sites can be used to showcase and publish student work.
  • A Google site could be utilized for the School of Education faculty and staff to use for internal communication, etc.

Resources and Tutorials