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Drive, Docs, and Forms

Using Docs with Students

In many ways Docs is the entryway technology for Google Apps. Creating, sharing, and editing Google Documents is incredibly easy to do AND every staff member and student is connected in an Apps domain.

Key Benefits
  • Available anywhere
  • Sharing / Share Settings / Email Notification / (Shared with Me in Drive)
  • Saves Automatically
  • Teacher can track progress in real time
  • Revision History
  • Creating Templates, Making a Copy
  • Download As Office, PDFs, etc.
  • Research bar / citations
Docs in the Classroom
Docs and Drive on an iOS Device

Drive Demo

YouTube Video


Screencasts Tutorials
  • How can I manage my Google Doc files list? (Screencast)
  • Wait! Where are the docs and folders that have been shared with me? (Screencast)
  • How to find files with Search, Advanced Search, & Sort (Screencast)
  • Can I import my old Office files? (ScreencastHow about exporting to a PDF or Office file? (Screencast)
  • Upload Settings: To Convert Automatically to Google Docs Format or Confirm First? (Screencast)
  • How do I share a document with just selected users? (Screencast)
  • How do I publish a document for everyone to see? (Screencast)
  • How do I share a template with my students? (Screencast)
  • How can I collect student work in Google Docs?
    • Method #2 - A class shared collection (Screencast)
    • Method #3 - Individual student folders (Screencast)
  • How can people interact within Google Docs and what can I do with those interactions?
    • Discussions (See Adding Comments screencast)
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