ePortfolios with Google

**Our goal today is to build a demo ePortfolio similar to one our students would create. The below activity will get us started.**

Activity 1:

1. Using information learned in yesterday's training, create a new Google Site and title it your "first name, last initial's ePortfolio".  For example, my site would be titled "Toni S.'s ePortfolio".  
2. Select any theme you like and change the homepage layout to two column simple.  
3. Type a brief paragraph about yourself and insert any image of your choice. (BONUS: Wrap the paragraph text around the image.)

Sample Student ePortfolios / Digital Portfolios:

 Jaclyn - 7th Grader (Link to portfolio)

 Kai'Aisha - 6th Grader (Link to portfolio)

Click here to access more 
examples of student portfolios.

 Devan - 6th Grader (Link to portfolio)

Student Testimonials: 

 Jaclyn - 7th Grade
 Kai'Aisha - 6th Grade

Activity 2:

Build a Google Site.  You may create a site to use as your own digital portfolio, you may choose to do a sample student portfolio that you may show your students when they build their portfolios, OR you may choose to build a class website.  If you select the second option, you may use the sample student work in the folder below under the "Resources" section.  Please use this time to create something you will actually use!

Minimum requirements:
1. The site must have at least three pages.
2. At least one Google Doc must be embedded in the site.
3. Edit the original default theme by changing navigation, site layout, theme colors, and/or the site's header.
4. Insert a video and/or photo slideshow into your portfolio.
5. Put an "Announcements" widget on the home page of your site.
6. Use at least one high resolution, copyright free image.
7. Share your portfolio/site appropriately and submit using the Google form in the "Resources" section below.

To get those brain juices flowing, check out these sample portfolios from adults and upper-level students.


GWE LA 2013 - ePortfolios

Submit your Demo Portfolio:

GWE LA 2013 Participant Portfolio Examples