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Google Groups

Go Beyond the Meeting

Everyone is busy and after school meetings can be tedious, but what if there was a way to discuss important topics without everyone being in the room. While Groups is one of the first tools and actually acts very much like a 1990's listserv, it can provide a space for small and larger groups to share ideas and comment.

  • Discuss important school issues.
  • Share resources and relevant articles for review.
Groups can also be embedded right into a Google Site, so there is no need to visit the somewhat confusing Google Groups page. (Example)

Google Sites

Google Sites may not be the most dynamic system for creating websites, but it is well worth considering for your specific project or school website needs. 

Here are FIVE reasons why you should consider Google Sites:
  1. Easily connects to all your other Google Apps allowing you to embed Calendars, Docs, Forms, Spreadsheets, etc.
  2. Limit who can see and edit the website. Assign individuals specific pages they can edit. Make some pages public, while others can only be accessed by certain people.
  3. It keeps getting better. The options and abilities of Sites, continues to evolve and get better. 
  4. It is free! As with all of the Google tools, it is free.
  5. It is secure

Google Hangouts